To run Lead Gen Ads understand they are IDEAL - because people are lazy

We are close to a tipping point. Everyone is on the internet and everyone is asking for a lot.

Put yourself in your fans shoes. Fans, even if they’ve liked your page, want to KEEP IT SIMPLE. Don’t you when you’re online? Aren’t you overwhelmed? Seems obvious but, it isn’t to all marketers. To line their pockets, they stretch into convincing you you need landing pages, automations, workflows, processes, an unbearable amount of work to get leads.

It’s simpler than that. We have the inside scoop.

You have to spend a lot of dough on Facebook to get a marketing assistant support - a real person in house. TBD Media has worked hard within fair client budgets to hit that amount, as a goal. As a result, we have that person now. Our person has been meeting with us weekly to enhance our client ads, help us work within Facebook’s best practices, and really hone in on the perfect ad. It’s been enlightening, and game changing.

One type of ad we’re seeing great success with is the Facebook lead generation ad. This is different than anything you’ve ever seen because of one big reason: Facebook already HAS this person's client info. So, with one click, the person tells Faebook, sure, give “Brand” my info.

In Facebook’s own words:

People simply tap your ad and a form pops up, already pre-populated with the contact information they've shared with Facebook, ready to be sent directly to you. Just like that, they can get the information they want—and you generate a qualified lead for your business.

Why is this good? Check the title. People are lazy, lately. Have you noticed? Forms that require more than one click are hurting. We want life easier and easier. So let’s make it easier. The ads are made the way Facebook wants them, so the serve out better - optimized for mobile, for the receptive audience, etc. Facebook lead ads do most of the work of filling out contact forms for people, so people are more likely to finish and send forms.

We have worked with our clients extensively to understand their buyer personas and target demos. We can target these ideal leads and expand what works, diminish spend on what doesn’t, and bring opportunities to you better than ever before. We know you want to see actual business from you digital branding, and that drives our mission for our clients.

There are a few drawbacks, to be fair. These leads might not be as far down the road as we’re used to. That’s ok. TBD can work with you to make your offer truly fit this new option. We can make the ad tailored more accurately to what the idea is - what we want from the person on the other end. We can even integrate with your CRM - so far, the good has outweighed the bad. It simply takes your TBD team expert to know the nuances of getting this just right.

Reach out if you want to know more.



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TO BE Prepared

We sure post a lot of content for you. :)  Over the last few years there haven't been any major disruptions to the way we work. We have generated consistent content for your fans and ensured that you are connecting with them on a regular basis. We've been notified about some drastic changes coming to a couple of the different networks that we work with, and wanted to let you know that we are not only prepared but ready to help you stay on top. The biggest change that you're going to see is with how Facebook runs their graph API.

To explain what's going on: basically, when we post a link to Facebook, Facebook automatically generates a link preview. Whether it's content we found on your behalf (someone else created) or something you’ve written (ex. from your blog), Facebook pulls an image and text. We've always been able to edit that headline description and image as we've seen fit. That auto generated preview was completely editable, so it didn’t matter what it was. We could make it fit social title space, social look and feel. It has given us the option to test different copy for the same link, focus on specific angles of content, and best share something that might be more longform on your website in a shorter digestible snippet.

It's understandable (if you think about it) why this could be a problem. Scammers and spammers use this as a way to trick people into clicking questionable things. They could create a scam, reframe it to look like it is, and cause big problems. In the same way, some alt news publishers were posting incorrect news articles and misleading information. With that perspective, it makes sense. But for those of us just trying to do the right thing, the functionality had been hugely helpful.

Facebook has begun to roll out this change and will give us until September to find ways to best post content. We will reach out to our partner manager if we see any large alerts but mainly what we need to know is that if we're posting content from your site we might need to work on the open graph tags. We will vet the posts and we can test them through the open graph debugger tool. It might take some adjusting but we’ll make it work!


That one was probably a big doozy for you, so we'll keep this other one light and simple. It's very exciting to learn that Facebook is now creating groups for pages. We have long been fans of trying to organize and grow little niches on the Internet for your clientele. Groups have been trickier because it was hard to post as your brand. The good news is now we can create this space in the organization. We will be able to basically create your very own fan club!

Your account manager will be reaching out to you personally to double check that you understand the changes that are being made and that we are able to help you utilize them to your benefit. As always a big part of what we promise you at TBD is that we are aware of trends and changes so that you can be at the front of them. We're excited to move forward with you with these new opportunities (and challenges) to make sure you’re getting the very best social available.  

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TO BE Ad Savvy

One of the myriad of awesome things about having an agency (no, not just any agency, TBD!) work on your digital marketing is the access to partners we have. A few months back we noticed a dip in our success rates on social media advertising and immediately spent time working on the root of the problem across the board. We were the top, loving the results, what happened? When we got in touch with Facebook we were able to talk to our marketing and advertising partner, who explained recent changes in how ads are served, perceived and graded and how the grading affects their efficacy and reach. Big changes came and Facebook wasn't letting everyone know!

The part important for clients and potential clients to understand is that knowing this information has given us the upper hand again. Since learning this information, regarding relevancy, styling and best practices that have totally been restructured, TBD rehoned and changed our ad strategy to make sure that the content that we serve, the creative, planning, and targeting that we work so hard on - was 109%. We have to give you the best possible ads and lowest rates - that's how we continue to serve you. Since the change, we've righted the ship and are back to seeing great growth in all Facebook ads we serve. 

There is a LOT of process and planning that goes into being a great advertiser on social media. It also plays into the overall content marketing strategy of your accounts. We take the time to make sure that we're doing the best we possibly can. And now, with our software reporting and tools that very few agencies have - we're able to document and explain demographics, reach, success, and strategy that leads us from month-to-month better than ever! We are ensuring we're finding the right valuable connections on social media to make the investment you've made worth its time. That's the TBD way.

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