TO BE Transparent

There are so many blogs out there about ‘how to do social’. We kind of thumb our noses up around here most of the time. People that love social love posting about what it is and how to do the basics. They overshare. And that’s fine. The real nuanced approach comes from being great marketers and knowing what of that myriad of options best suits the brand in question.

I founded TBD on the belief that literally each client needs a separate, custom approach. We ask that you let us in, we take time to gain your trust, we show data on improvement and make custom plans. TBD iterates. TBD stays aware (woke if you are under 21). TBD knows what we’re doing.

I’ve held that really close to the vest for 2 years while I’ve watched our clients flourish and our team ebb and flow. We can pivot, fast. We can get the win, with a great client that is a true partner. We can improve your brand. We can build you a community, and help you sell.


Now, we’re jumping in the content pool - but in TBD style, not like everyone else. My plan is to open up the vault, and share with you the real questions we work through, the real education we share, and the real way we beat all the competition for our clients. Not to brag, to enlighten. Not to gush, but to give credit where credit is due. When we uncover problems, we fix them. We’re rolling out new conceptual marketing strategies. We are partnering with the best tools. We will stay cutting edge, for our clients.

Our mission statement matters more than ever to us: TBD exists to write and create social processes to drive reach, results and sales opportunities for our clients. We develop communities of fans and friends that recommend and become advocates for products and brands.

I think you’ll learn a lot this year, as we launch a series of real life accounts and talking points. And if you have specific questions, just ask.

To Be 2017 Instagram Ready

WOW—it’s already 2017. What can we expect on social? Let's start with what the new year will bring to Instagram. Instagram saw a lot of changes last year and brands started to take advantage, but what’s next?


Living in an Advertiser's Paradise

Instagram is making it easier and easier to advertise on their platform. Until recently, you used to only be able to do anything ad-related via Facebook Business Manager, and with very little reporting/feedback. Instagram is slowly moving away from that and making it easier for marketers to market directly from Instagram. As we progress through 2017 we will continue to see more of this and hopefully even more CTA’s within the ad capabilities.

What’s up with Stories?

Instagram released their “stories” feature late last year. It's on a record pce as far as user utilization goes. It may not be a it for every business and has less by way of analytics, but it is a cheap alternative to Snapchat if you're the type dying to go live and have built a strong fan base on the channel. More features continue to go live and we expect to see stickers and filters everywhere soon.

Content Marketing, Content Marketing, Content Marketing

What people love about Instagram is the fact to tell their brand story with beautiful imagery. That trend will continue. Brand throwing up photos and hoping they get good engagement will not continue. We’re predicting more BIG changes in the Instagram algorithm that will make so that consumers really only see content they care about, and that includes from brands.

What a brand can do on Instagram has changed drastically over the last year. You have to have an Instagram strategy in place more now than ever. Like any network, a strategy over time makes success possible.


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To Be Social Requires Thoughtful Design

From long lines of established brands to the hottest in tech startups, we all know design matters.

But what is ‘design’ actually? Is it a logo? A Wordpress theme? An innovative UI?

It’s so much more than that. It’s a state of mind. It’s an approach to a problem. It’s how you’re going to kick your competitor’s ass.


That’s why TBD works with the best designers. Chances are your in-house team isn’t cheap, or doesn’t have time for an immediate turnaround. Many people don’t. We bring a suite of support that is fully vetted, and we often match our client's desired ‘look and feel’, or aesthetic, if you will, with someone that designs in a like fashion.


Social is more video and image heavy than ever. If someone doesn’t immediately recognize you, you’re losing sales. You’re wasting efforts. You’re not achieving brand recognition, or staying top of mind. Even our writers and editors, our advertisers and SEO specialists, are taught to know basic design principles and meet or exceed the competition. Design brings the vision of your product to life. Good design makes someone love something, even if they don’t know that the design is the reason why.

While your branding and strategy may be in place, it may call for a digital upgrade or some support to make things faster, more relatable, more seamless. We come in and do enough discovery to hear and know what you are, we aren’t changing you. But differing from your traditional thought of print design, graphic design needs to meet certain criteria to be website and social site ready. Furthermore, social channels have different user experience (called UX). You need to partner with a team that knows the nuances of the software, app, or operating system and can help you plan your ideas for a seamless vision expressed to your consumer.

We talk a lot online. For ourselves, for our clients. But show don’t tell is paramount, and sharing your passion through a great design will keep your fans coming back for more.


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