TO BE tracking....everything.

I tend to think about all of the information out there and what can really benefit our company, clients and ourselves. In my time at TBD, what I've learned most about social is the potential for a bottom line impact. You can't really post and hope it shows value. You have to plan, work and review your efforts continually. That’s where Google Analytics comes in. We use Google Analytics and UTM tracking to ensure the conversations and campaigns have the intended results our clients seek.

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In its simplest form, your social efforts and marketing should all have a designed funnel. Within this phase of trying new things, there’s still something you hope a potential consumer does, right? If you are working with an agency that isn't tracking using UTMs, you might want to revisit this topic.

By network, by post, by style of content, you can see what your audience responds to. As the networks change, as the tips and tricks and best practices ebb and flow, what matters most is a focus on quality.

As a client, you might feel a struggle with ROI - your return on investment. Here’s the good news: it doesn’t take millions of developer hours, our team knows how to track and teach you to see indicators of traffic, leads and conversions. Social isn’t a fix for marketing, it’s more like an updated version of a billboard. But, if you know what action you want your consumer to take, your marketing team should work with you to reverse engineer content that will make that path come true in a smooth form. From these little code and link tweaks in the UTMs, it can tell us who’s clicking, where they are going, and what kind experience they’re having on your site.

You’d be amazed at what this information can tell you. It opens an entirely new world of marketing and tweaking your marketing to ensure ROI. We’ve seen clients fundamentally rethink their strategy, sometimes even their pricing and products. Seriously! When you understand your traffic, you learn more. When you understand your marketing, you can focus on what works and cut what doesn’t. I love being all about that bottom line and really helping my clients succeed.


Reach out if you’d like to learn more.  


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TBD impresses upon clients how important it is to have a theme or plan broken down annually, quarterly, monthly, weekly. With a strong grip on the long-term strategy, the day-to-day stays on track and reaches for that overarching goal.

In 2018, we wanted to bring that idea to the creative team as well. Our graphics department and capabilities have grown, as has our understanding of omnichannel (across all media) storytelling. For example, check out our refreshed Instagram! Our goal was to exemplify the power of a story. Each month we’re taking a deep dive into a word or topic of focus as a company,  and relating it to our bigger picture. How do we represent that visually? With a bigger picture, of course!


We loved experimenting with a collage format that could accommodate 12 individual posts that also worked together as a whole. For January, we used the ever-inspiring Martin Luther King, Jr. as our focal point, as well as a springboard into adjacent thoughts and ideas.

Dreams were a big part of the theme this month because TBD is excited about so many our dreams manifesting and becoming reality. In 2018, we’ve fortified our skills and added to our arsenal of talent. Our graphics team has expanded and we’re excited to offer full-service design options from print to digital. Our team can develop and design just about any template, logo, custom grid, postcard, menu, banner ad, social media suite, and more. You name it, we’ll do it!  


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TO BE Responsible

Recently, I was watching a Netflix special from one of my favorite comedians, Tom Segura, and in this special, he addresses just how crazy the internet has become. It was that funny because it's true type of stand up. Direct quote? Sure. You can just watch the special, but I’ll make it easy on you for the purpose of the story:

“Do you ever really process that you don’t have to leave your home to buy anything? You’re like, ‘Yeah, I order some things online,’ No, no, no. You can sit on your couch, pull up your phone, and just be like, ‘I want bananas, and I want hammers, and… I want an eagle’s beak.’ Then Amazon’s like, ‘BOOM! It’s on your doorstep, how about that?”

A little exaggerated, but still you get his point, you’re nodding. At one time, you couldn’t access the internet through anything other than a 50-pound computer and what you could access was unbelievably limited. In 2018, we can connect with loved ones, do our grocery shopping, study for finals, shop for vehicles and homes, and create movies all with devices that fit in the palms of our hands. People can change their lives, for both better OR worse, with a single post. If that doesn’t amaze you, I don’t know what will. And while the internet is easy to abuse, if used correctly, it’s an incredible tool.

Exhibit A: Twitter. I can’t even begin to count how many new bands and movies that my favorite social media platform has introduced me to that I probably would’ve never known about otherwise. Also, how else would I be able to keep up with whatever is going on with Kylie Jenner?

Exhibit B: Netflix. As much as I wish they’d update their content more- *cough* PLEASE *cough* I can’t lie and say that I don’t hop on there and dedicate at LEAST an hour a day to a show I’ve seen a million times, a movie I’ve probably never heard of, etc. The BEST date nights in my book involve pajamas, Chinese takeout -ordered online- and the absolute worst horror movies in my queue.

Anyway, all virtue-signaling aside, the internet is an awesome place and I’m thankful to be going into 2018, doing an internet-based job and learning as much about it as possible, that I love. Shoutout to the man Robert Kahn for creating the World Wide Web.

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We move so fast now we forget the power we have. Stop for a minute. Think about what you love, and share it. Think about who you can help with a single click, and make it happen. I was moved to take a minute to remind you by one of my heros, Seth Godin. As fast as we move, he reminds us we have a responsibility. What are you (or in many cases your brand) going to do with it?

Read his thoughts here: dont-have-nice-things.html


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